2013 Annual General Meeting Minutes

The 2013 Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 21st September 2013 at 7 College Green. It resulted in significant changes on Committee with different faces being voted in to all of the appointed officer”s positions. All of last years Committee stood for re-election, and we are very grateful to have two new members on Committee this year.


The Revd Canon Neil Heavisides took the chair in his capacity as Vice Dean.

1. Reading. Don Philpott – a retired priest, read by Canon Heavisides.

2. Apologies were received from The Dean, Adrian Partington, Stephen Power, Keith Whitworth, Andrew McAnerney, Nic Sims, Jamie Conway, Colin Charter.

3. Minutes of 2012 AGM and Matters Arising. The date was corrected to 22nd September 2012, and the minutes were then proposed as a true record by Andrew Stratford and seconded by Matthew Cann.

4. Chairman’s Report – John Heywood.

This year has seen some welcome consolidation within the Association, thanks to the hard work of our committee and much needed help from our members outside of the committee – Votes of thanks must go to Mark Fox for providing such an excellent bar service for the Reunion Dinner, and to David Arnold for taking on the editing of the newsletter. Both of these tasks have reduced the burden on Committee significantly. There is still plenty of room for more members to get involved however, arranging the reunion weekend is still the single largest task the Committee has to manage, and with a few more hands it would be that much easier.

I must extend the associations thanks to the Committee for their hard work over the last 12 months, and make special mention of our Secretary – Stephen Power who has just taken over as Organ Scholar at the Cathedral. We congratulate him on his new appointment and wish him well. He has however (understandably) decided to step down from the role of Secretary this year in order to concentrate on his studies, and his other role of Chorister Tutor, although he will remain on Committee. Our Treasurer, Andrew Stratford has also decided to step down, he has unfortunately found that living in the middle of nowhere without a bank within a reasonable distance, and with an unreliable postal service is not conducive to being an effective treasurer. He too will remain on committee however, and has indicated he may be persuaded to take up the now long vacant position of Federation Secretary. On behalf of the Association I would like to thank them both for their invaluable efforts, and their continuing commitment to our Association.

One final vote of thanks must go to Andrew Douglas, Adrian Partington, Stephen Power and Matthew Cann for arranging last nights concert, as well as to the performers; it was wonderful to hear Sanders Reproaches – the last time I heard them I was singing them at Gloucester Cathedral more than 25 years ago.

Our members will be pleased to hear that the membership scheme information leaflet has been resurrected and updated, and will be circulated to the Chorister parents this afternoon. Stephen has already been doing a sterling job at advertising the association and hopefully this new leaflet and membership form – which now also encourages the parents themselves to keep in touch with the Association and join our mailing list will get a whole new generation of Old Choristers involved with the Association – but we must also evolve if we want to encourage them to remain involved. The Committee needs to do more that is of interest to our younger members, but we need your help. We need the involvement of more of our members in order to be able to do more, we need your involvement to bring new ideas and perspectives, we need your involvement to help share the workload. We need your involvement to ensure that the Association not only continues, but goes from strength to strength.

Comments: It was suggested that John Pennington (Head of Music at Kings School) be approached to be involved with the next OC’s concert. Questions were raised regarding whether the nave was the correct place for the concert, it was generally felt that the quire is better suited, but we may need to do some research regarding a piano/keyboard.

5. Secretary’s Report – Stephen Power (Read out by John Heywood). The Committee met twice and organised the weekend’s reunion via phone, email and social media. Further work on the database is ongoing. I regret that due to the pressures of work I am standing down from the position, which I have not attended to in as much detail as I would have liked over the past 12 months. I will remain on the committee and am willing to help with database maintenance and relations between OCs at school whilst I continue in my current Chorister Tutor role.

Comments: The Association thanked Stephen for his work as Secretary.

6. Treasurer’s Report – Andrew Stratford. Andrew thanked Raymond (as previous Treasurer) for his continuing support. £500 of the current music fund has been promised to AP for new music (JH Update – this £500 is to cover the costs of 50% of the David Bednall composition). The Association made a very small profit in 2012/13.

7. Election of Officers

  • Chairman – John Balsdon Proposer: John Heywood Seconder: Andrew Douglas
  • Secretary – John Heywood Proposer: John Balsdon Seconder: Alan Iles
  • Treasurer – Elvin Young Proposer: John Heywood Seconder: John Balsdon
  • Federation Secretary – Andrew Stratford Proposer: John Heywood Seconder: Matt Cann
  • Committee – David Arnold Proposer: John Heywood Seconder: Matt Cann

The remaining committee was reelected en-block: Andrew Douglas, Alan Iles, Stephen Power, Neil Heavisides (Ex Officio), Adrian Partington (Ex Officio). It was suggested that Tim Burton be approached.

8. FCOCA Secretary’s Report – There was no report on federation business this year.

9. Any Other Business

The increase in the cost of dinner to include the cost of drinks, and the lack of choice this year was not well received. Neil Heavisides and John Heywood explained that the prices being charged by caterers had shot up considerably, but the general feeling was that the price was now too high. The committee agreed to explore and put forward alternatives to the membership prior to the next reunion.

The point of the website was once again raised. It is currently hosted by Phil Webb’s hosting company at a competitive rate. JH expressed a hope that he would have time to look at redesigning it to bring it up to date and integrate it with the GCOCA facebook group.

The members thoroughly enjoyed both attending and taking part in the concert. There was a request that the committee look at our options for the next concert in 2015 to see if there was any scope for expanding it.

Clarification of the Reunion dates for the next few years was requested. This information can always be found on the website, but is now fixed as the third weekend in September. This will fall on 20/09/14, and the following year (with concert) will be 18-19/09/15.

The meeting closed at 3:10pm